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Decorative Art Restoration & Preservation in Historic Buildings


Government Buildings


The Capitol Building:  Raleigh, North Carolina, 1833-1840, for the State
of North Carolina.  Graining and graniting in the rotunda, stair halls,
Library,  Geologist’s Office.

The Capitol Building:  Montgomery, Alabama, 1851-1869, for the Alabama
Historical Commission. Trompe l’oeil in the Supreme Court Chamber,
original Secretary of State’s Suite, and original Governor’s Suite.

United States Treasury Building:  Washington, D.C., 1870’s, for the U.S.
Treasury Department. Graining, gold leafing, striping and stenciling for
the Treasurer’s Conference and Reception Rooms.

Hampton Mansion:  Baltimore, Maryland, 1790’s, for the National Park
Service. Graining.

Clover-Hill Tavern:  Appomattox Court House, Virginia, 1830’s, for the
National Park Service. Graining, marbling, striping and stenciling.

U.S. Customs House:  Charleston, South Carolina,1839-79, for the G.S.A.
and  U. S. Customs. Graining.

Atwater-Kent Museum:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1826, for the City of
Philadelphia. Graining.

Clerk’s Office and Debtors’ Prison at the Eastville Court House:
Eastville, Virginia, 1731,  for Northampton County, Virginia. Paint
research and restoration of original graining.


Historical Societies, Museums and Churches


Saint James Episcopal Church:  Accomac, Virginia, 1838, for the Episcopal
Diocese of Virginia. Trompe l’oeil, stenciling and striping.

Christ Episcopal Church:  Raleigh, North Carolina, for the Episcopal
Diocese of North Carolina. Graniting, graining and gold leaf.

Kerr Place:  Onancock, Virginia, 1799-1801, for the Historical Society of
the Eastern Shore. Graining, marbling, gilding and the reconstruction of
ornamental plaster.

Hay House:  Macon, Georgia, 1855, for the Georgia Trust for Historic
Preservation.  Graining, marbling, and gold leafing.

Owens-Thomas House:  Savannah, Georgia, 1816-1819, for the Telfair Museum.
Graining, marbling, bronzing and gold leafing in the entrance hall.

Bethel Memorial Church:  Millwood, Virginia, 1833, for the Old Bethel
Foundation. Striping and graining.

St. Paul’s Church:  Randleman, North Carolina, 1879, for the North
Randolph Historical Society and Museum. Graining.

Old Governor’s Mansion:  Milledgeville, Georgia, l838, for  Georgia College.

Prestwould:  Clarksville, Virginia, 1790, for the Prestwould Foundation.
Graining and marbling.

Museum of Rural Life:  Denton, Maryland, 1831, for the Caroline County
Historical Society. Graining.

White House of the Confederacy:  Richmond, Virginia, 1818, for the Museum
of the Confederacy.  Graining.

Cathedral of Saint Luke and Saint Paul: Charleston, South Carolina, 1816,
for the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina.  Graining.

Edmondston-Allston House:  Charleston, South Carolina, 1838, for the
Historic Charleston Foundation. Graining.

Calvin B. Taylor House Museum:  Berlin, Maryland, 1828, for the Foundation
for Historic Berlin.  Graining.

George Read II House:  New Castle, Delaware, 1797, for the Historic
Society of Delaware. Stenciling and hand painted trompe l’oeil.

Littleton-Long House:  Princess Anne, Maryland, 1830’s, for the Somerset
County Historical Society. Graining.

Costen House:   Pocomoke City, Maryland, 1870’s, for the Historical
Society of Pocomoke City. Paint research.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:  Howell Hall, 1906. Graniting.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church:  Salisbury, North Carolina, Faux limestone

Poplar Hill House Museum: Salisbury, Maryland, 1795, for the City of
Salisbury, Paint research.

Manson House: Beaufort, North Carolina, 1825. for Beaufort Historical
Association. Graining, marbling and polychrome.

Miller’s House at the Old Mill:  Linchester, Caroline County, Maryland,
1830’ for the Caroline County Historical Society. Paint research.

First Presbyterian Church: Durham, North Carolina, 1915. Faux stone and
oak graining.

Marva Theater: Pocomoke City, Maryland, 1927, for the Performing Arts
Theater. Paint research, restoration of decorative murals and trompe

Beauvoir: Biloxi, Mississippi, 1852 for the Mississippi Department of
Archives and History. Trompe l’oeil, graining and marbling.


Private Buildings


Burley Manor:  Berlin, Maryland, 1833. Graining, and marbling.

The Cedars:  Columbus, Georgia, 1836.  Marbling

Grapeland:  Wardtown, Virginia,  1823. Graining, marbling and trompe l’oeil.

Leatherbury Farm:  Accomack County, Virginia, 1740’s. Graining, marbling.

Gen. John Steele House:  Salisbury, North Carolina, 1799. Graining.

Eagle Hotel:  Berlin, Maryland, 1906. Graining.

Chatham:  Northampton County, Virginia. 1832. Graining, paint research and

Major Peter Bocquet House: Charleston, South Carolina, 1770. Marbling and
trompe l’oeil.

Governor Carr’s House:  Old Sparta, North Carolina, 1826. Graining.

Wallis-Traylor Double House:  Petersburg, Virginia, 1853 and 1870.
Graining and marbling.

Loblolly:  Southern Pines, North Carolina,1918. Marbling.

Farrell Cottage:  Locustville, Virginia, 1841. Stenciling, graining and
trompe l’oeil.

Cuthbert-Hassell House:  Petersburg, Virginia, 1870. Graining.

Phillips’ Cottage:  Snow Hill, Maryland, 1790’s. Graining.

Castle Hill:  Charlottesville, Virginia, 1814. Graining, marbling and gold

Governor G.T. Biggs House:  Middleton, Delaware, 1877.  Graining, marbling
and gilding.

Bowman’s Folly:  Accomack County, Virginia, 1812. Paint research,
graining, glazing , marbling and trompe l’oeil.

Bunting Place:  Accomack County, Virginia, 1830. Graining, glazing and

La Grange Plantation: Warren County, North Carolina, 1770. Graining.

The White Homestead:  Fort Mill, South Carolina, 1834.  Marbling,  graining
and trompe l’oeil.

Swananna:  Ashland, Virginia, 1902. Marbling.

Beckford: Princess Anne, Maryland, 1830’s. Paint research, plaster
restoration and polychrome.

Watkins Point: Somerset County Maryland, 1850’s. Marbling.

Claughton-Wright House: Northumberland County, Virginia, 1790’s. Graining.

Vaucluse: Northampton County, Virginia, 1826. Paint research, graining and